Smart Furniture and Wireless Charging Solutions
Smart Furniture and Wireless Charging Solutions

Smart Home integration and wireless charging is a growing trend in today's society. Due to our commitment of staying ahead in Furniture Design and Technology, we are very exited to offer "Smart Furniture" Solutions. As a result of this Entertainment Rooms, Home Cinemas, Kitchens and Bedrooms are only a selection of rooms which will be enriched by this new technology. 

We are able to integrate LED Lighting, hidden Speakers, TV Lifts, wireless charging or simple USB chargers, motorised drawers, automated hinged doors and Sliding doors. All these functions are available for bespoke furniture, which will then largely be operated by smartphone or tablet. The possibilities are endless once the journey begins to a Smart Home. All these functionalities can be integrated to display the features. Alternatively we can integrate these completely hidden and not visible to your guests or yourselves.

Smart Furniture Integration

We are looking forward to the announcement later this year that a smart hub integration is coming which enables everything to be controlled by devices like Amazon Alexa in addition to the App and manual switches.
Please ask for more information for our Smart Furniture and Smart Home integration.

Here are some practical examples of Integration...
  1. ...why not consider a "Secret Door" which is fully automated. For example a Panelled Wall with motorised Sliding Door...
  2. ...maybe a Cabinet which serves as hidden Door
  3.'s convenient to have a Coffee Table with wireless charging or a simple USB charging port in a concealed place
  4. ...a beautiful Dresser or Sideboard in your Dining Room which has a built in TV Lift. It's brilliant way to hide a TV...

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