Fitted Bookshelves

Fitted Bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, we tailor bookshelves exactly to you and your belongings. We measure your books and ornaments to ensure that everything fits perfectly. Therefore we ensure that your fitted bookshelves are specifically suited to your home and taste.

fitted bookshelves
Design Sketch

If your collection of books has outgrown your bookcases it might be the right time for you to upgrade to a beautifully designed and handcrafted Library.

Are you an avid reader or someone who loves a good novel every now and again? Create your own personal library with our beautiful fitted bookshelves. With its multipurpose qualities, it’s ideal for storing books or displaying your photographs. A Bookshelf can also be a great centrepiece, with this in mind you could have some Shaker Doors below. This would then create a great design for a Dresser which offers the benefit of hidden storage.

Fitted Bookshelves Material Choices

Our fitted Bookshelves get made in solid Oak, Walnut or any other specified Hardwood. In addition, we finish bookcases in pigmented lacquer which suits your home colour scheme. Our recommendation is to use bookshelf strips to allow for maximum weight capacity and adjustment. We can also install lighting to create a suitable atmosphere in your Library and to showcase your books. If you own some rare old books we offer special UV Glass to protect your possessions.

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