We are a York based family business which specializes in upmarket bespoke furniture design and manufacture. We bespoke furniture in Yorkwork with Interior Designers, Architects and private Individuals to create outstanding well thought through pieces of bespoke furniture. As part of our portfolio, we also create fully bespoke kitchens. Therefore our team of cabinet makers and joiners is dedicated to producing bespoke furniture of the highest quality. As part of our commitment to excellence we are continually researching for new materials, hardware and techniques.

Our design process starts by understanding the vision and requirements which the client has. We will then design in accordance with the specification given. This raw design model will then be presented to the client for approval or alterations in a design meeting which can be held in person or as a virtual meeting. Once the changes have been completed and the piece of bespoke furniture has reached a satisfactory design stage, we will confirm colors and type of wood. Due to the personal level communication, we are able to tailor each piece uniquely to the taste and style chosen.

Bespoke Furniture in York

There are many reasons why people choose bespoke furniture over modular or mass produced designer product bespoke furniture in yorkranges. With a bespoke service every small detail is well thought through made with the client in mind. Therefore a bespoke piece of furniture is no compromise in quality, craftsmanship or design. Due to our commitment and follow through of high quality woodwork we manufacture many items for the London market in our workshops in York.

Baumer Joinery Limited

Unit 2, 61 Osbaldwick Lane

York, YO10 3AY

Company No. 8062778

VAT 209 7817 82


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