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Stefan’s Story

furniture makerStefan went through a rigorous apprenticeship with a well known and highly esteemed Furniture Maker in Germany. He had the opportunity to learn from old school furniture makers as well as a small selection old school Artisan furniture makers.

After seven years of working in Germany, Stefan took a position in a small London based Firm. This Firm manufactured bespoke furniture and joinery items for high end developers and wealthy Individuals. This was Stefan’s introduction to the British high end Woodworking.

After years of serving under the German Furniture Maker, Stefan had gained a wealth of experience in the field of high end Manufacture. While then working in and around London, Stefan started to develop an interest in Furniture Design. He had a basic knowledge of CAD drawing which he learned durning his apprenticeship. This was a welcome foundation Stefan could build his future of Furniture Design on.

The Beginnings

After all these years Stefan was keen to learn and experience new things. Soon after, a chance opened up to assist in building a Church. He took this offer with excitement to spend more time with other Christians because of his new found faith in Jesus Christ.  After the Church building project was finished, Stefan set out to start up his own business. The purpose of this new business was, to bring the all the wealth of experience, skill and eye for perfection in details to the UK market. Since then we have built a reputation to be on the forefront of new Innovations and to deliver superior craftsmanship to our Clients.

Bespoke Furniture – handcrafted in York, England

bespoke furniture in York

We are a York based family business which specializes in upmarket bespoke furniture design and manufacture. We work with Interior Designers, Architects and private Individuals to create outstanding well thought through pieces of bespoke furniture. As part of our portfolio, we also create fully bespoke kitchens. Therefore our team of cabinet makers and joiners is dedicated to producing bespoke furniture of the highest quality. As part of our commitment to excellence we are continually researching for new materials, hardware and techniques.Our design process starts by understanding the vision and requirements which the client has. We will then design in accordance with the specification given. This raw design model will then be presented to the client for approval or alterations in a design meeting which can be held in person or as a virtual meeting. Once the changes have been completed and the piece of bespoke furniture has reached a satisfactory design stage, we will confirm colours and type of wood. Due to the personal level communication, we are able to tailor each piece uniquely to the taste and style chosen.

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We are a small York based Furniture Makers covering clients from London to Edinburgh. Every commissioned piece goes through a rigorous design and production cabinet makersprocess. Which starts by selecting the finest hardwoods. Furthermore to choosing the right material it is important to use the right finish. For our beautiful handcrafted finishes we use AC Lacquers which are superior in strength and performance. These lacquers are available in clear to bring out the beautiful grain, pigmented and tinted . In addition we can also supply furniture in a primed condition. Which can be hand painted to add a superior finish.

How we became superior Cabinet Makers which create bespoke furniture London

Being a boutique Furniture Maker and many years of experience enables us to create outstanding pieces of furniture for high profile clients. Being a boutique firm is profitable for clients because of a very personal customer service and commitment to detail which gets lost by larger companies. Furthermore we are trained by masters of our trade which has enables us to perform to very high standards.

handmade furniture

We are known for high quality handmade furniture in Yorkshire. Which reflects in quality and customer service. As a result customer satisfaction is the highest priority for us. It is very important being able to design and built every pieces in its own unique way. This results the character and attributes that make it distinctive. As Artisans we reflect our passion upon every piece which is handmade in our Yorkshire Workshops.

What makes us unique?

Standing out is important to us. Therefore we have no limits to achievable finishes and designs.

Baumer Joinery

Unit 2, 61 Osbaldwick Lane

York, YO10 3AY

Company No. 12410721

VAT 340 4023 55


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